Covid-19 has had a strong impact throughout the globe. Here is an update on the situation for Educate A Child and the students in the Philippines.

The area where the school is located was affected by the global Covid-19 pandemic over the last two years. During that time, students attended modular classes, which allowed them to safely stay at home especially when Covid-19 was spreading so quickly in the area. Parents or caregivers would have scheduled times to come in, meet with the teachers, pick up homework assignments, return completed assignments, and discuss their child’s progress. For most of this time, San Jose City operated on a strict lockdown, which meant the children never left their home and rarely saw anyone outside of their immediate family.

This was a difficult time for the students. Many lost their family members including parents and direct caregivers, both to Covid as well as to other ailments when care was not readily available due to the Covid crisis. The loss was profound and during a time when they couldn’t rely on community support due to the strict lockdown conditions.

Vaccines eventually became readily available, and once vaccination rates were up and the number of Covid cases dropped, the government allowed the students to return to class 1-2 times a week, gradually increasing the numbers. Finally the students were able to return to school full time (in smaller class sizes). Mask mandates were lifted and currently the area reports zero reported Covid cases.

Students are encouraged to wear masks if they choose to, but are no longer required to do so. A temperature check, sanitization station, and other Covid safety practices are still in place at the school. Students are asked to stay at home if they are feeling unwell and to inform by phone call or text message for follow-up.

During Covid, we were not able to visit the children and could not provide any updates except when the parents/caregivers came to the school to pick up/drop off assignments and lessons. EAC operations were put on pause, but the students were still supported and able to keep up with their schooling.

A big incredible thank you goes to Sarah and Grace Kim, our angel donors, whose continued donations helped pay for costs during this period.

Thank you also to Lisa Kelley and BIOS Korea for providing masks for the students.

Thank you to Jackie Aronson Williams for purchasing rice for the students and teachers during this time.

Thank you to Terri Pham for donating school supplies and books to help the children during this period.

EAC will resume its program in full force during the 2023-2024 school year which starts in August 2023.