Covid-19 has had a strong impact throughout the globe. Here is an update on the situation for Educate A Child and the students in the Philippines.

The area where the school is located is under a modified lockdown (General Community Quarantine), so the EAC kids are completing all their school lessons at home.

Every week, the parents come to the school (on a staggered schedule) to pick up and drop off assignments from the teachers. This enables the children to continue with their schoolwork without leaving their homes and exposing themselves and others.

So far, the kids are in good spirits, but we all hope they will be able to return to the classroom soon when it is safe to do so.

Usually, the students write letters to their sponsors throughout the year. But because of the situation, we have not been collecting letters from the students.

If you would like to write a letter to the EAC kids, I’m sure they’d appreciate the encouragement during these difficult times. I will send the letters digitally for the school staff to print out and then give to the teachers to hand out with their assignments.

To write an encouraging note, please click here.